Visi Cape Quarter Campaign

Visi is seen as the curator of all things creative and beautiful, whether that be in graphic design, architecture or industrial design.

Our brief was to create posters and wobblers that could be placed in stores and on products that got Visi’s stamp of approval within the Cape Quarter shopping mall in Cape Town.


Work done at NetworkBBDO.

Good Hope FM Stationery

Good Hope FM felt it was time to redesign their stationery – something clean, modern and functional to represent their brand.


Work done at NetworkBBDO.

Die Burger


The brief was to increase sales of Die Burger (An Afrikaans newspaper) in selected stores and to get new and existing readers to live our “Get Talking” philosophy.


Our solution: consumers received a free cup of coffee when they purchased Die Burger. We used the shape of the cup and the way people use it to raise controversial issues. Readers could comment on these issues via a text message. The best opinions were published in the next day’s edition.


The result saw sales of Die Burger in these selected stores increased by 25% and thousands of text-message opinions were received.


Work done at DraftFCB.

Attix5 Cloud Forum Conference

Stand and Collateral Design

Attix5 launched their new product at the annual Cloud Forum Conference held in the UK.

We were tasked with creating a show-stopping stand, a flyer and a coffee cup wrap.

The Attix5 stand was an overwhelming success, leading to the conference organisers initiating a stand prize as of 2015.

TopTV Stationery

The TopTV logo has been applied to all aspects of TopTV, including the stationery. The business card’s shape is different, in line with TopTV’s offering, and makes use of the distinctive stripes from the TopTV logo. The compliment slip and letterhead make use of a die-cut, revealing the colour (and fun) within.


Work done at NetworkBBDO

VISI Magazine Collectable Lamp Insert

We were tasked with transforming Visi magazine non-subscribers into repeat buyers.

We partnered with acclaimed designer Heath Nash to create an exclusive lamp, constructed of three separate pieces. We inserted the pieces into three consecutive issues of VISI. In order to build the lamp, you had to buy every issue.


Work done at NetworkBBDO

VISI Magazine “Cut Out” Campaign

The problem VISI faced was that subscription ads tend to be boring, information-intensive pieces that feel disconnected from the magazines they are supposed to be selling.

Visi Magazine is the ultimate reference tool for designers, decorators, architects and anyone else who is looking for the coolest and most cutting edge stuff. So, why not use a Visi magazine to sell Visi magazines?

Our solution? Imagine you opened up what you thought was an issue of Visi, jam-packed with awesome stuff, only to discover that someone else had seen it first. Even worse, the stuff was so cool they’d actually cut out all the pictures.

All we then had to do was hijack the normal distribution chain of the magazine, placing cut-out magazines in waiting rooms, salons, design school foyers and office receptions.


Work done at NewtworkBBDO