– Awarded Gold in the Wine Label Design Awards

Our Ben Wren Box Wine design was awarded gold in the wine sold under R90 category.


– Awarded Silver in the Beer Label Design Awards

Our Mitchell’s Craft Beer label re-design was awarded silver in the beers in a series category. To see the work click here.


– Best Brand Awards Judge

I was selected as one of the judges for The Best Brand Awards are an international awards show honoring the excellence on the design around the world.

The Die Line Feature

The world renowned Die Line featured two of our projects on their site. To view Little Sumo and  Mitchell’s Craft Beer


– Wine Label Design Awards Finalist

One of only two wine labels designs in the below R60 purchase price category that made it onto the finalist list

– Books Live Recognition

Our cover for Anna Peters’ Year Of Cooking Dangerously was included as 1 of 17 best South African book covers for 2015.


– Awarded a place in the Lurzer’s Archive special edition: 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide


– Silver Assegai
– 5 Loerie finalists, 3 conversions:
• Gold Loerie: Visi iPhone app
• Silver Loerie: Visi website
• Silver Loerie: Visi iPhone app
– VISI Campaign featured in Archive

– The Bookmarks

• Silver: Social Media Campaign: Hunter’s Refresh & WIN


– Bronze Eagle
– Loeries:
• Silver Loerie: Design Indaba MM Campaign (illustrator)
• Bronze Loerie: Design Indaba Portfolio (illustrator)
• Bronze Loerie: Design Indaba Sculpture (illustrator)
– Pendoring finalist
– Design Indaba Superstar


– Capels finalist in three categories
– 3 Gold Assegais
– Loerie finalist
– Gold Pendoring
– Finalist in Cannes Promo Lions


– Silver Student Loerie
– Gold Pendoring
– Pendoring “Overall Winner” in Student Category


– 2 Loerie finalists
– Sappi Think Ahead Awards merit prize