VISI Magazine “Cut Out” Campaign

The problem VISI faced was that subscription ads tend to be boring, information-intensive pieces that feel disconnected from the magazines they are supposed to be selling.

Visi Magazine is the ultimate reference tool for designers, decorators, architects and anyone else who is looking for the coolest and most cutting edge stuff. So, why not use a Visi magazine to sell Visi magazines?

Our solution? Imagine you opened up what you thought was an issue of Visi, jam-packed with awesome stuff, only to discover that someone else had seen it first. Even worse, the stuff was so cool they’d actually cut out all the pictures.

All we then had to do was hijack the normal distribution chain of the magazine, placing cut-out magazines in waiting rooms, salons, design school foyers and office receptions.


Work done at NewtworkBBDO

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