Ben Wren Wine

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Gold at #thewinelabeldesignawards 2019


Internationally, premium box wines are a huge (and growing) success. In South Africa, however, they’re viewed as the true bottom of the barrel.


Ben Wren Wine is here to change that.


Their vision is to unashamedly embrace the box, using bold and breakout design to drag the humble box wine from the bottom shelf into the limelight – whether it liked it or not. And took it a step further by introducing a canned wine too.


But we knew we wouldn’t succeed without ensuring that what was in the box was as magnificent as what we’d printed on the outside. That’s why all of their wine is sourced from boutique vineyards, delighting the palate without disappointing with loads of sulphites.


The result? A startlingly-successful, high-quality, unpretentious and courageously-designed wine in a box that breaks out of its category through inventing an entirely new one, and is as proud to be at your picnic as it is to feature at your dinner table.


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