TopTV Stationery

The TopTV logo has been applied to all aspects of TopTV, including the stationery. The business card’s shape is different, in line with TopTV’s offering, and makes use of the distinctive stripes from the TopTV logo. The compliment slip and letterhead make use of a die-cut, revealing the colour (and fun) within.


Work done at NetworkBBDO

TopTV Decoder

Decoder Packaging

The design of the limited edition TopTV decoder box reflected the aspect of a brighter world. The actual decoder unit was housed inside a perspex box with a South African flag in the TopTV colours wrapped around the decoder.

The cardboard box in which the decoder sat was die-cut, allowing the TopTV logo stripes on the user manual to be visible and reveal colour. Most manuals are used only when setting up the item, but the TopTV one was designed to be a functional – hence the back panel of the manual acted as a picture frame.


Work done at NetworkBBDO